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Edesia , Kolkata

Taste in culinary delights as with most most subjects of the world is subjective 

The chili cheese dog 

That being said I shall write my personal experience of a newly open restaurant called Edesia at 6, Hungerford Street. What strikes you most the moment you enter this place is the neat decor which has a very feminine and elegant look to it. The lighting is perfect and the hostess and host are very warm.

Now we were invited as part of the Kolkata Food Fanatics and were offered a 15% discount on our bills and a taste of their dinner spread which shall be available on their menu very shortly.

While most patrons from our group opted for the Buffet there were some of us who opted for A la carte dishes. The breakfast spread is your usual spread of cheese, cold cuts, bacon, baked beans and a host of other items and even though I personally did not taste all the items since I opted for A la carte I did have a taste of the bacon and felt that it was a tad too salty for my taste. Now here I have to mention that my preference for salt  is very less compared to the average palate but when the taste of salt overtakes the taste of the item on offer I believe it perhaps should be changed or since most of the other patrons liked it an option for some lean bacon or any other bacon which has less content of salt would be ideal . I suggested that they offer both lean bacon and the traditional fatty goodness for patrons to choose from and what I really liked was that the hostess took the feedback very positively and mentioned how they have had to change suppliers. I would suggest that you try the bacon with some eggs fried sunny side up and some generously buttered bread to cut down on the saltiness.

Now the dinner spread for tasting had quite a number of items and the strawberry drink was as delicious as it can get. It did not have an overpowering sweet taste and the addition of green chilies made this drink fabulously different and extremely tasty. I would surely want a tall glass of that delightful drink.

Their freshly squeezed watermelon juice was freshly squeezed and thankfully did not have too much of added sugar which suited my palate very well. While waiting for my dish I noticed a very positive point. The hostess and host constantly runs about to ensure that the patrons are satisfied and ask after your needs.

They had some miniature cakes with frosting as part of their breakfast spread which were delightfully fresh and if I am not wrong the foam base was perfectly moist yet airy and the icing was that of dark chocolate which was again very tasty.

Now I have to express my very honest opinion about my main order the chili cheese dog. The fries served along with it was perfectly crispy , retained its yellow colour and was delicious and there cannot be any complains about the coleslaw. I have to be very very honest and mention that the chili cheese dog was a bit of a disappointment and here is why, even with the chili it was a bit dry, the amount of cheese was too little but the size of the frankfurter was enormous. Now, most of us who have opened their palates to cuisines from around the world have had the chance through commercial restaurants and most patrons would not go through the trouble of finding out about the concerned cuisine. While I am absolutely no connoisseur of food I love knowing about my food and so even though I perfectly know that chili dog has chili which is not made with beans I would have absolutely overlooked the point that it suited my palate but it didn't because there hardly was any flavour in it. Please refer to The article of chili dog. Now chili as such is a very contoversial item due to the many groups of thoughts about its ingredients. Please refer to this article if you have the interest and time but most Indians are anyways used to spicy food and wouldn't mind a bit of chili in their chili :) besides a bit of garlic would have definitely jazzed up the dish. Perhaps the additional of condiments such as mustard would make it tastier but the ingredient which definitely needs its presence to be made for strong is the cheese which was tiny in the dish .

Before I move on to the area of pinching of the pocket let me give you my experience of their dinner spread ideas. The mushrooms from the appetizers is an absolute delight and even though we suggested that they keep a crusty bottom for the dish now I that I think about ti it was perfect and needs no improvement. The fish does leave some room for improvement mostly because of the sweet taste. I would suggest a little bit of lemon or tangy ingredient to be added to balance out the taste.

The chicken stroganoff should definitely be thicker and the chicken needs to be softer. Now let me be clear, I do not really dislike the taste and I wouldn't really question authenticity because a) the original Russian preparation is made with beef and the flavour  and texture of chicken and beef cannot be the same. b) Most European dishes are manipulated to suit the geography and taste of people of a place but from what I heard around me I would suggest that they make the chicken softer and from my own experience I would have preferred it a little less tangy and a bit more thick in consistency. The rice that I tasted had way too much of mace or nutmeg and so that definitely needs to be taken care of because I feel that these delightful ingredients when used in small proportions bring out the best of taste in the dish in which it is used.

1/6th of the breakfast spread 

The deep fried Oreo did not suit my taste because I like my desserts a little less sweet but it was a sure hit among most other patrons and when it is so popular I step back but I would still request them to have an option between the condensed milk and whipped cream so that people such as myself can enjoy it as well.

Now coming to the prices of dishes  I find the pricing of the buffet to be quite reasonable because of the humongous spread on offer but the rest of the dishes are unfortunately overpriced. To be fair my own dish would have seemed value for money to me had the taste been better, more moist, a better flavoured chili, melted cheese, perhaps some onion or caramelized onions etc but most of the other dishes on offer such as the Pork Chops seem unnecessarily expensive because this is a world of competition and when many other fine dine restaurants offer their pork Chops within Rs600 the Rs950 for pork chops seems a bit unreasonable and the same can be said for the lamb and grilled chicken.

I would definitely love to go back if they give me a greater number of options for their pork chops and bring down the prices of the pork chops. Perhaps instead of a very extensive menu focusing on a  few dishes would help this lovely place.

I would highly suggest it to anyone who would love to grab a nice breakfast spread to indulge in their offer for the buffet for breakfast but from my experience there is a lot of scope of improvement of the Chili cheese dog and the prices definitely need to be adjusted in keeping with other fine dining restaurants.

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