Friday, March 21, 2014

La Maison Des Delices - Patisserie and Bistro

La Maison Des Delices - Patisserie and Bistro 

Whats in a name? Absolutely nothing.

We were quite intrigued by the menu of La Maison Des Delices - Patisserie and Bistro and so decided that we must visit this restaurant which was given positive reviews by many a person. It was a treat from my best friend and so on a hot spring afternoon three not so young yet young enough ladies went in with great expectations. Located off Purna Das Road it is not very difficult to locate if you are coming from Golpark and keep an eye on the left.

I entered the tiny little joint and was yet to form an opinion when the gentle person at the counter asked me to take a look at their spread of patisseries. Well we were there for some lunch and so I was shown the room which houses the restaurant. My first impression was that of a rectangular room cluttered with too many tables and chairs. To be fair taste is subjective be it in any matter and the drapes did not particularly match the interiors of this bistro or patisserie. As the name suggests it has offerings from France and Italy. Since decor is secondary to the main purpose of a restaurant I let my dislike for the decor pass and asked for a lemon iced tea to be served after my friends' arrival. Here I must mention that while I do not consider myself a connoisseur of tea , I do have a particular preference and prefer mine freshly mashed and flavourful.

Soon my little party arrived and we all decided that the decor was not what we could appreciate. We moved on to ordering the Pizza which we had eyed and settled for the meat lover's pizza.

Here is what I personally do not understand. Kolkata is a city which is very near to tea estates which is famed for producing some of the finest black tea of the world. So why  cafes should use tea bags is a cause of utter disappointment for me. It is not an unnatural expectation that one gets the best of local available ingredients. I shall go no to describe exactly how my iced tea was, watery with too much of lemon and no taste of tea. Both my friends had the same opinion .

We were soon served the pizza which was a medium sized one and had about 8 medium sized pieces. The first bite and I was delighted yet missed something. A bit of chewing and I realized that while I enjoyed the generous amount of cheese and meat a pizza without a base of tomato is no pizza at all. I refuse to actually get into any debate of how pizzas can be different since anyone can simply read about the varied kinds of pizzas available from different regions of Italy and one would not find one single pizza without a base of tomato. I rest my case with this information for those who are interested. While I would say that the pizza which in reality was not a real pizza was delicious I do not appreciate the restaurant misleading customers into believing that a pizza without a tomato base can be called a pizza. This is not the first time that Calcutta has had its brush with authentic pizza. years ago a Neapolitan lady had opened a restaurant which served some excellent pizzas till a few years ago and ever since their standard started spiraling down we had been looking for another option but if this is the other option I am mighty sad.

Since none of us were very impressed with the iced tea and the pizza , though all of us agreed that the so called pizza served was delicious indeed. The bill of Rs700 for three terribly made iced teas and a so called pizza which though delicious on its own is not a pizza was not value for money at all. Since it had no substantial base we were hardly full. While going out I saw a burger which was served to another diner and was very disappointed to find the top part a bit burnt (just a tiny bit but nevertheless it was noticeable) Their offer of pastries was not quite varied and in all it was a very dissatisfying visit for us.

The service was odd. We were constantly asked when we would order the mains and I for one was quite annoyed with the interruption. When we asked for the bill they repeated if we wanted anything else. Well, when a customer asks for the bill it is anyways implied that she doe snot want to order any more food. Caring for the customer and being pushy are two different ways of conducting oneself .

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