Saturday, April 19, 2014

Almond shortbread Biscuits I

Almond shortbread Biscuits I 

(Have them just like that or with chocolate filling sandwiched between

 two shortbread biscuits) 

 Now the only reason why I have named this almond shortbread biscuits I  because while the biscuits are crisp , buttery flaky and perfect as a shortbread biscuit   I followed somebody else's recipe and I would like mine to taste more of almonds so I shall try the recipe for Almond shortbread biscuits very soon to make the changes as per my taste buds and share the recipe again.

I have already mentioned the rules one need to follow in my previous post for shortbread-biscuits. I do suggest having a look here.

Makes 25 to 30 biscuits

What you need :-

100gm almond flour (which is nothing but almonds blanched dried, toasted and then ground in the mixer grinder but make sure you do not grind it for too long else the oil comes out)
200gm all purpose flour
150gm castor sugar
225 gm salted butter

Chocolate for dipping

200gm dark chocolate
100 ml double cream

Before they were baked 

Simply mix the dough and then refrigerate it for 2 hours. Shape your biscuits and refrigerate again for 30 minutes. preheat oven to 180C and bake for 30 minutes to 50 minutes. Your oven will determine your baking time since the original recipe had called for 30 minutes but mine did take 50 minutes.

If baking in batches make sure that your tray cools down before you use the dough on it . If you are like me chances are you already have two trays :) Let it cool in the tray for 5 minutes (you have to be patient else ti will break) and then transfer on a rack and cool till its completely cooled down. If you take a bite before it has completely cooled down you will miss out on the crispness in the center.

Now I did try and use the chocolate to make almond shortbread chocolate sandwiches but that was to create 3 sandwich biscuits and after storing it for a day in an air-tight container I have to say that it does render the biscuits a bit less crispy when stored with chocolate as a filling and so I would advice that you serve them immediately with chocolate sandwiched between them and with an extra bowl of chocolate to dip into rather than creating sandwiches and storing them.

For the chocolate sauce simply heat the cream and pour over chopped chocolate to create a smooth silky consistency .

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