Friday, December 19, 2014

A Classic way to Celebrate Christmas

The Season of celebration at Flury's 

Flurys is iconic and classic and can never go out of style. I firmly believe that  one cannot move ahead without firm roots and if Calcutta's Western cuisine is evolving its roots is embedded in places such as this  iconic tea room. 

A few years ago a friend of mine had come down to Calcutta and when I took my friend to Flurys and told him that it is Calcutta's 'tea room' , he had corrected me saying its more like a 'tea palace'.

Flurys can actually never go out of style. Quite honestly, in recent times I have heard people complaining about Flury's monotonous menu but quite frankly tradition is what makes Flurys so special and it is this tradition which has led them to keep their Heritage food all of which is mostly brilliant. And along with tradition Flurys is offering a modern Breakfast menu and a lot more.

When it comes to service my experience has always been completely satisfactory. In the past if I have complained about my coffee being a bit weak it has been immediately changed to my liking or if I have complained about a pastry it has immediately been changed and in a world where people believe in immediately going in a defensive mode this is nothing short of delightful.

So when the lovely Supreeta asked me to come down for a tasting of their Christmas menu I could not resist the temptation even though my hands were full with office work and a bake sale to bake for.

It is Christmas round the corner and as always Flurys is ready with their lip smacking Plum cake, Dundee cake, Rum n Raisin Cake, Mince Pie, Mince lattice and a wide range of assorted goodies.

If you are tired of Cakes there are assorted biscuits waiting to be taken with that steaming cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Then there is the classic range of chocolates which you simply cannot miss.

Now the special attraction of this season is the amazing spread that Flurys is offering till the 4th of January.

You can choose from the traditional Turkey or grilled pork chop or if you would like  to stick to the usual bird  try the delightful Chicken cooked in red wine or say the Parmesan crusted Basa .

They have a few selected desserts which are must tries . So you may try the warm and rich Pannetone Pudding served with hazelnut creme Anglaise  or White chocolate and strawberry Trifle.

While the Turkey or Pork Main course is priced at Rs950 per head inclusive or taxes, the Fish main course is at Rs750 and the Vegetarian option is at Rs600 per head.

You can head over to The Park for a special Christmas Buffet which includes some exotic dishes such as Veal Ossobuco or our very own Anglo-Indian style Pork vindaloo at the Bridge. prior reservation is required. Do ask them for their special menu for new year's lunch and dinner. With Saffron , Zen, The Bridge and Aqua offering a wide range of lip smacking food Christmas and new year probably just got better.

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