Monday, December 15, 2014

Sinful Hot Chocolate

Sinful Hot Chocolate 

Its that time of the year when bells are ringing in my head at all times and Christmas is in the air. Lets have a Chococlaty start. Presenting 'Kickstarting Christmas' with my friend who is equally crazy and passionate about cooking Pritha from 'Guilt Free. While she gives you this tempting recipe of Christmas Rocky Roads here is a sinful chocolaty drink from my end.

Social media can be infectious. Take the simple case of the Hot Chocolate. A few days ago my friend Pritha who blogs from Guilt-free shared a tempting photograph of Hot Chocolate with white marshmallows floating in dark hot soothing chocolate.

To be fair, when she had posted the photograph I was in humid Bombay while winter was just about setting in Calcutta. At this time of the year Calcutta has the most pleasant whether. The sun doesn't hurt you, the weather is cool and you can take long walks and feel energized.

Anyway after a hectic crazy and wonderful week of preparation for Kolkata Food Bloggers' BakeSale2014 which was out and out hugely successful I decided it was time for some indulgence.

Now for years I have tried satisfying my taste buds with Hot cocoa which is kind of the poorer cousin of the creamy hot chocolate where you just about use cocoa powder with milk and sugar.

This time I decided I must settle for nothing else but a cup of indulgence and so hot chocolate it was.

I liked Nigel Slater's article on The Guardian and decided if its going to be hot chocolate it had to be made with some indulgent chocolate. I used about 3 tbsp 70% dark chocolate chips.

Making hot chocolate is easy enough :-

Serves 1

200ml milk
1 tbsp whipped fresh cream
3 tbsp 70% dark chocolate
Sugar as per taste (I needed 1 tsp brown sugar )

The only trick to follow as per Slater is to not let the milk come to a boil once you add the chocolate. So simply add the chocolate to the milk and put it on low flame and keep stirring till all the chocolate melts well and pour it in a cup and then use 1 tbsp fresh cream which is whipped well and enjoy an indulgent cup of deliciousness.

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