Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Evening of French Gastronomical Delight at the Park Kolkata

An Evening of French Gastronomical Delight at The Park Kolkata

Coagulated peking duck mince meuille feuille

19th March 2015 is a very special day for it is on this day that 1300 chefs across 5 continents are expected to join an event dedicated to French cuisine. The prestigious hotel, 'The Park Kolkata' is participating in this global event called  Gout de France / Good France which is an initiative by the The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International development and the famous chef Alan Duccasse.

Our gracious host Supreeta invited us for a tasting of the dishes to be served in this exquisite event for which Kolkata should get ready on the 19th of March 2015 8 p.m. onward.

Located in the very heart of the city it hard to miss The Park Kolkata and this grand event will be hosted by its restaurant 'The Bridge' which is The Park's 24 hours coffee shop and the menu has been set by Chef Sharad Dewan.

What impressed me was the fact that the event gives you a chance to experience modern French cuisine interspersed with its traditional elements. So we have tomato pearls which is a part of molecular gastronomy and then there is the use of Gruyere cheese in the age old beautiful souffle which is an absolute delight paired with the pear and grape salsa.

I personally loved the fact that this was essentially French food which has evolved and what is served uses culinary elements from around the globe which is being used in traditional French dishes . For me the peking duck mince  meuille feuille was the proof of the pudding of this perfect amalgamation of the pastry which is essentially French with Peking duck which is mostly an element from the far East of the world.

Tuna Nicoise,tomato pearls , olive foam from the Cold Starters

I would highly recommend opting for this fantastic experience paired with some French wine at Rs5000 per head but in case you want to skip the wine you get to experience this wonderful gastronomical experience at Rs3500 per head. For more details call 03340049000.

I have to make a special mention of The Bridge's quality of coffee. I love my coffee strong and robust flavoured  and I mostly get disappointed with the coffee which is served in most places around Calcutta thereby when I was served a cup of coffee which was strong and full of flavour I could not help but mention it for those who love a good cup of coffee.

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