Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Culinary Revelry at ITC Sonar

 Culinary Revelry at ITC Sonar 

With David Rocco
Photograph Credit : Poorna Banerjee 

He says that India is 'rich in history' and this man with his charming smile is none other than the famous David Rocco. He talks about the 'power of food'  and his love for Naples the land of 'Pizza' and fresh sea food.  

When I ask him why he had chosen India as his destination he says that he wants to learn from the country which is 'rich in history'. He believes in using 'fresh local ingredients' and you my readers should not have to wait too long before Food Network Canada, TLN and National Geographic air David Rocco's Dolce India Season II for David Rocco's Dolce Vita for its 5th season which covers Goa, Kerala, Kolkata , Kashmir and Delhi.

Sneak Peak at West View's Grills 

ITC Sonar has teamed up with David Rocco to present an evening of gourmet delight which would see a beautiful amalgamation of Indian and Italian elements on the 16th of March 2015.

Chef Mayank , executive Chef of ITC Sonar who has been in the industry for over 24 years believes in innovation yet his firm stand on tradition is what makes the innovation seem like its carrying a part of history itself. He firmly believes in the power of ghee and he gives his reasoning as well . You see ghee 'absorbs trace materials' not to forget its incredible power to enhance flavours and give a magical twist to dishes that it is used in. He shall team up with our man from Naples for the segment on Calcutta to create innovative dishes which use the best of Indian and Italian elements to create magic on the plate.

March has been quite an eventful month for ITC Sonar with a host of events to make your days special.

West View Grill apart from serving some of the best grilled meat in town has Louis XIII the God of Cognacs waiting to be served to you at Rs14,500 per person all throughout March.

And if Indian flavours is what you crave head over to Peshawri and order Sommelier's Chateau Margaux.

If south east asian food is what you want head over to Pan Asian for some exotic dishes such as the tea smoked Duck or the comforting Korean Bibimbap at Rs2250 + tax for a Sparkling Brunch or Rs3250 + tax for a Champagne brunch.

ITC is also one of the chosen participants for Gout de France on the 19th of March when over 1000 Chefs are expected to join this event from all over the world to bring contemporary France on your plate. head over to West View Grill for a night of French delight.


  1. Hey, Poorna is a friend! It's such a small world! Also, I'm so jealous you guys got to meet Him. I'm such a fan girl!

    1. Soumi :) That's wonderful news. Perhaps we should all meet when you come to Kolkata. I think you mentioned that you were living somewhere else. Yes Poorna is a friend of mine