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Chocolate Truffle III

Chocolate Truffle III


Truth be told at times the whole point of blogging seems pointless because I personally am not a trained cook who has attended any culinary school and at times the whole saga of clicking photographs before I can enjoy my meal annoys me but then sometimes when kind people from food groups request you for the recipe of the post that you have shared, you cannot but share the recipe.

Before I move on to the chocolate I have to say that making truffle chocolate is one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen but tempering chocolate needs a thermometer and since our country is hot most of the year it can be difficult to temper chocolate which gives chocolate its snap along with shine. This is the third recipe that I am sharing for truffle chocolate and I must say that it is one of the best recipes but then again the quality of chocolate makes a huge difference.

If you want your chocolate to be of superior quality you have to use ingredients which are of a superior quality.I suggest that you use 70% dark chocolate. In India finding a good brand of chocolate (such as Callebaut ) in retail  is almost impossible. So if nothing else do try and use Morde since it is easily available but in case you get a better brand I would say that investing a bit of money for good quality chocolate is worth it .

The recipe for truffle is simple

Recipe source Larousse Gastronomique

300gm bittersweet chocolate (Since I like dark chocolate I used 70%  dark Callebaut )
75gm cocoa powder
120ml strong coffee
250ml heavy cream

Use a  bain marie (double boiler method) to mix all the ingredients till its smooth and silky.
Refrigerate overnight.

Now use a melon baller to scoop out little balls and wear hygienic gloves and make little balls of the truffle . Be quick lest they melt. Put the balls back in the refrigerator while you temper your chocolate.

Tempering chocolate is not rocket science but needs precision of temperature which you can only achieve with a thermometer

For tempering chocolate :-

200gm finely chopped dark chocolate
A tray with baking paper placed on it

Before you temper chocolate remember that even a drop of water can ruin your chocolate making it seize. Once chocolate seizes it can only be mixed with cream to make more truffles or used for baking.

Use the bain marie method to melt 2/3rd the chocolate  and here it must reach a temperature of 46 C to 49 C . Then let the temperature drop to 27 C and now we add the remaining chocolate and mix it. This is called the seeding method. Now use your clean and dry wooden spatula to mix everything and you have to make sure the chocolate reaches a temperature of 31C to 32C . To test whether its tempered dip a clean spoon and put the spoon in the refrigerator. Check after 5 minutes. if the chocolate has a shine and appears smooth then voila its tempered.

Now drop the truffle balls in the tempered melted chocolate and leave it on the tray and once you fill the tray put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes till it sets well and wrap it with a chocolate wrappers or aluminium foil if you don't have wrappers and store them in an air tight container.

If this method seems to complicated you can still make the truffle by rolling the truffle balls in cocoa powder.

You can check out the recipe for Swiss Chocolate Truffles and French Chocolate Truffles if you want  a recipe without tempering the chocolate.

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