Sunday, June 28, 2015

Buns and More at Flurys

Buns and More at Flurys 

Imagine sipping some Darjeeling tea while looking at rain drenched Park Street as the world goes by and in between the sips from Kolkata's favourite tea you take a bite into some fresh soft buns. And not just any simple bun but a Kiwi bun topped with some thick coconut icing. That is exactly what Flury's is offering from the 20th of June till the 5th of July  by hosting a festivals dedicated to buns. Well not only is there the famous Boston bun with the coconut icing but if you are more of a coffee person there is the lovely papparoti, a Mexican bun which is perfect with some strong freshly brewed coffee. I highly recommend Flurys classic Viennese coffee.

If its savoury food which is what makes you happy instead of some sweet indulgence there is the Karachi Bun Kebab with soft , melt in the mouth lamb mince in-between two spiced buns. The mint chutney gives it that tangy spicy edge.

If spicy food is not what you are particularly find of I suggest that you try the Chicago Hot Dog   'with everything' . Pork sausage, lamb chili with Cheddar pickles etc all come together to create a delicious filling hot dog with some in house made fries.

I liked the sorpotel with that extra tangy edge which reminded me of the Sorpotel I have had in Mumbai's New Martin Hotel a tiny place which makes some amazing Goan food run by a kind Goan gentleman.

I am especially hoping that Flurys includes some of these delightful buns in their regular menu but I highly recommend this festival to all bun lovers. There is a wide range of buns to select from at Rs55 per bun and Rs330  for batch of half a dozen.

Actor  Arjun Chakrabarti  and his lovely wife Neelanjana Chakrabarti a jewelry designer and tarot card reader were part of this delightful festival.

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