Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mango Custard

Mango Custard 

Summers in India are synonymous with Mangoes. This sweet smelling and delicious tasting fruit is loved by most people in India.

Since we are celebrating Summer time love even though monsoons have arrived I could not but include some recipes with mangoes. The last batches are fluying off quickly from the markets and so I am presenting this  delicious Mango Custard which was loved by everyone who had tasted it.

I usually follow the recipe from a reliable source but there are these occasions when I try and make something based on what I know. This was one such recipe. Its more or less easy and this custard must be served chilled.

190ml cream anglaise. Recipe is given here : Creme Anglaise.
Pulp from a mango weighing 350gm  (Weight of the entire mango)
175gm mango cubed

Prepare your creme anglaise and let it cool down. Now take the pulp out from your mango and blend it and whisk it with the creme anglaise and cubed mangoes . Pour it in serving glasses or ramekins and chill well. Serve it and enjoy it.

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