Thursday, July 16, 2015

Some new additions to the menu at The Bridge , The Park, Kolkata

Some New additions to the menu 

at The Bridge , The Park, Kolkata 

I love classics whether movies, music, food and while on the way to The Park I told myself that Park Street is indeed a classic road in Kolkata.

Most of my friends and I have a million memories associated with Park Street. If my childhood was spent holding my father's hand and walking into Kwality for one of the best ice-creams available during the early 90s and turn of this century the teenage years meant first dates at Oxford bookstore and Someplace else.

Later when The Street opened its doors when we were in college we were more than happy. It was affordability , chicness and a youthful vibe all mixed in one long space. Much later came the time to head over to Saffron with the first pay-cheque.

Anyway when the lovely and vivacious Supreeta called us over to taste a few  dishes which are being added to The Bridge's menu I could not say no to it. The Bridge is The Park hotel's 24 hour restaurant and the idea is to bring home cooked food on your plate. It may be the homely Rajma chawal or a rustic yet comforting pasta which is probably home cooked somewhere in the land of Parmesan and Olives.

You can be hungry and tired after landing in the city or you might just be walking along Park Street and feel hungry or plan a get-together with friends , whatever the reason might be the Calabrian Spaghetti is not worth missing. The emulsion created with fresh beautiful chicken stock and extra virgin olive oil is subtle yet delightful so much so that even after 2 days the taste is something I am craving at all hours of the day.

The chicken satoosh is a puff pinwheel which is spicy and juicy with flavours of green chili and red onion and bits of chicken to tickle your taste buds and goes perfectly well with a glass of red wine to compliment the robust taste. This is what I could call a lovely start to a meal.

If Indian food is what you crave the Chicken Kosha with flaky lachcha parata is a great choice. The spiciness is well balanced and to tear a bit of flaky paratha and eat that with a bite from the juicy spicy chicken curry is quite comforting and the taste would  remind you of the home cooked kosha chicken.

What is equally comforting is the lehsuni dal. If I were traveling all I would want is some home cooked pulse , chicken curry and rice at the end of a hard day's work and that is exactly what The Bridge is giving you.

Though it was delicious in its own right the molten lava cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream has probably been overdone by most good restaurants in town and personally speaking I would much rather go for that exotic and delicious Kiwi Cheesecake. Fluffy cheesy and baked it is just the dessert to indulge in. For a long time I was tired with the offering of desserts in Kolkata with the same old Truffle Chocolate cake and Tiramisu etc etc hence the sight of the Dobostorte makes me 10 folds more happy and I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it.

Other than the mentioned dishes there is a host of thin crust pizzas and a lot more to choose from. 

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