Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chocolate Indulgent Cake

Chocolate Indulgent Cake 

I shall be honest. Lately I have come to find chocolate cake to be highly overused mostly because most good Indian bakeries mostly keep two to three variants of cakes , one with a lot of fresh cream and then there are 3 to 4 variants of chocolate cake.

To be fair while one can never get tired of a good slice of chocolate cake it can be tiring at times. While growing up I would see my aunt bake chocolate cakes which were the typical buttercakes which meant it was butter based and used a bit of cocoa powder for that taste of chocolate which somehow did not really click.

To be fair the ones you get at good bakeries are quite honestly very delicious but then again once you start baking at home and expand your knowledge you realize that you can actually customize a chocolate cake as per your liking.

What is 'my perfect chocolate cake' will perhaps not be your's. Anyway I have tried a good 6 variants of the good old butter based chocolate cakes. I am not even going into the sponges . So it turns out this cake is one of my favourites mostly because it is moist and light enough to stand out on its own with your cup of tea  and with a dollop of whipped cream it can be turned into a fabulous dinner time dessert. In my experience when one uses icing it is best to stick to sponge cakes because a butter based cake is quite heavy on its own and layers of buttercream or ganache makes it too rich an indulgent but then again there are those times when you simply just need some indulgence. And this cake happens to be one of them. Hence I named it the Chocolate Indulgent Cake.

I had already shared the recipe for the main cake in one of my earlier posts. Use the recipe for the cake and leave out the recipe for icing given there  So here is the link: My Perfect Chocolate Cake. Let it cool down and slice in half. Cut the top of the cake to level it out.

For the icing try this ganache , its rich , chocolaty and when fluffed up and used with the cake it becomes a pure sinful indulgence

Recipe adapted from Larousse Gastronomique

150ml fresh cream
225gm finely chopped chocolate (70% dark)
1 tbsp sugar syrup

Use the bain marie method to heat up the cream and add the chocolate and stir till you get a smooth creamy mixture and then keep whipping till it fluffs up. use this as a filling and then cover the cake and let it set at room temperature for an hour and then serve it up.

Important tip :-

A cake is meant to be eaten as fresh as possible so it is a good idea to finish it off within 2 days of it being baked. try not to refrigerate the cake but in case you do refrigerate it make sure you take it out 1 hour prior to serving. The cake if served straight from the refrigerator will be hard as lard. It needs to be soft hence it needs to come to room temperature.

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