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Lost in the world of cuisines during the better half of the day I am hungry to learn the flavours and aroma of the vast ocean of cuisines from around the world. I also believe in learning a lot through books. You shall often find me using the reference of classic cookbooks  because  I believe they are the most bankable way to know about a particular dish . Some of the books that I extensively use are  Larousse Gastronomique , La Cucina , Raymond Blanc's books, Tehzeeb etc etc. 

For me a culture is primarily denoted by its cuisine and I believe that is  what holds a culture together. 

I have a natural aversion to packaged food and I like making things from scratch be it the aromatic and flavourful ketchup or the Hummus. Using natural ingredients as much as possible is a principle that I follow while cooking and so I would never reach for that pack of nondairy whipping cream or  food colours.  I believe freshness is the basic key to good food. While I love well presented food , excessive unnatural presentation is a big no no for me for I like my food to be elegant , rustic and simple.

I started writing a blog to simply put words to my many thoughts and initially I had hoped to interact with like minded enthusiasts in the kitchen which I have.  

While I usually like kneading ,  searing , pan frying and baking in my own kitchen I love dining out at places which bring out the flavours of a particular cuisine and though picky when visiting restaurants I sometimes visit one or two and end up writing my experience at Zomato or on my blog which you can reach out from the logo on my homepage. Of course the idea of dining at someone's home is a beautiful experience because that comes with its own history , well if nothing else the history of the family's cuisine for sure.

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