Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nature's Table at Jhaal Farezi

Nature's Table at Jhaal Farezi 

For me the term 'Organic food' takes me to a peaceful state of mind where I taste food which is as close to nature as possible.

When Jhaal Farezi invited Kolkata Food Blogger's for their 2 day event 'Nature's Table' my ears were immediately pricked or rather my eyes were glued to the invitation and so on a sunny winter's day I headed off to Jhaal Farezi located at Park Circus on Circus Avenue expecting fresh food which rejuvenates the body and mind.

I entered the place and was immediately reminded of a relaxed brunch which incidentally was what this event was all about. There was laughter and chatter and people were enjoying themselves. I was immediately greeted by the cheerful Debamita who insisted that I taste a few dishes which was on offer from Jhaal Farezi keeping in tune with the event but then the stalls seemed so fascinating that I couldn't stop myself from checking them out.

The first stall which caught my attention was one which had these fresh vegetables, bottled Preserves and cheese on offer. They are called 'Lettuce Eat' and are making an effort to deliver fresh organic pesticide free food. On offer is fresh organic vegetables from Green Tokri, 40 varieties of organic cheese from Mango Hill in Pondicherry which produces some lip smacking cheese including their very own 'La Pondicherry' which has a delightfully nutty taste and Naturellement which gives you organic preserves which taste delightful indeed at affordable prices.

A taste of their Basil pesto and sun dried tomato salsa proved that the products are indeed fresh and are bursting with flavour.

A chat with corporate chef Sumanta Chakraborti led to a few revelations which can delight just about any health conscious person or anyone who is looking for quality over quantity.

Imagine a resort which grows its own vegetables. Well that's exactly what the Ambuja Neotia group does in their Raichak outlet and what more they try and incorporate fresh organic ingredients in some of their dishes across all restaurants managed by Ambuja Neotia group and they source it from Green Tokri.

A sampling of the food left me extremely satisfied due to the crunch from the salads which is a key indication of a vegetable's freshness  . The dressings on offer were equally healthy and fresh.

The apple veloute soup was a winter's delight indeed. Warm hearty and delicious to the last drop interspersed with the mild flavour of green apples .

I was intrigued to learn that the breads on offer were mostly without all purpose flour except for the base for the pizzas and it focused on health which is a great initiative indeed.

Also on offer was Sienna showcasing their beautiful and bright pottery and Green Earth which showcased some lovely mats.

This event in question not only allows you to sample these delightful dishes put together by Chef Swarup Chatterjee but it makes the guests realize that organic food does actually provide a superior taste and is a wonderful start to a healthy and happy life.

I highly recommend ordering some fantastic cheese , preserves and fresh organic vegetables from Lettuce Eat. Find them here Lettuce Eat and get fresh delicious ingredients delivered to your door step at a nominal fee of Rs25

This event was held on the 10th and 11th of January 2015 and here is hoping that Kolkata gets to attend such a beautiful event in the near future.

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  1. I LOVE Jhaal Farezi! And I did read about this initiative. Such a great concept!

  2. We had some quick and extremely cost-effective New York events here. We didn't even used flowers and instead used a lot of candles, vases with colored beads and some sparkly branches, and the room looked warm and inviting.