Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sour Cream Cake

Sour Cream Cake , Wine and  Teenagers in their mid 20s 

I blog simple because I want to. Period.

Anyway its that time of the year when bells are ringing , people are shopping and here I am making the best of a Sunday since its work throughout the week of Christmas for me.

Anyway it turns out work life for a freelancer has a life of its own which refuses to be tamed by me which means almost every year this time of the year when I actually wish to celebrate the festivities around me,  I usually get a truckload of work. By no means does that mean we the 3 witches of Eastwick one of whom actually came down all the way from a city across the country would not celebrate Christmas. We shall have our slumber party , get drunk, and basically need no decorative balls on our Christmas tree to have a ball.

Out of all the things that I appreciate in life in recent times the one I most appreciate is my husband's good decision to  study a course of his choice. Thank God for that, for while off eh went to South Africa I stayed back basically am reliving or in my case just living like a teenager which I didn't do in my actual teenage or college years , so that means its all about meeting my gal pals getting sloshed,   except at 27 it means we have wine and cocktails instead of cheap spirits.

The only problem is that most of us have jobs which basically run our lives but then again we make the best of things. Another perk of a faux teenager in her mid to late 20s is that you kind of sort of try to sulk less and and care less about perfection specially things that are not in your hands.

Moving on from overgrown teenagers to a repetitive love affair.

I simply adore tea cakes which if I tell anyone who knows me for even a month would beat me up with a newspaper having heard about my scandalous love affair with tea cakes over and over again.

Basically they rock. It doesnt overwhelm the flavour of my beloved Darjeeling tea and is light moist and teamed up well can even be passed off as not too bad a dessert.

So having baked enough Victorian sponge cakes I thought, ' hey a sour cream cake would be a lovely change'. Ya ya thats like moving from Mumbai to Vizag  in the winters and trying to wear  sweaters . Still basically I loved the recipe and hence here goes the recipe

Its BBC Goodfood's Sour Cream Cake 

What I did not use was the glace and what I  did do was  make my own sour cream by adding 1 tsp apple cider vinegar or wait was it white wine vinegar, basically just use any vinegar and add it to 200ml cream and let it sit in a warm corner for 48 hours and tada sour cream is ready.

So  I served mine with a dollop of sour cream and fresh strawberries with a sprinkle of caster sugar