Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Up,up ,up , Up with the Sun
Walk walk walk, walk with the wind 
Watch watch watch, Watch the men at work 
Happy happy happy with a bag full of goodies
Love love love love my City  

Well did you ever try walking on the roads of Calcutta before the major part of the city bursts into life and then rage. Well it is so peaceful that it will make you happy even if for a little while. I am sure this applies to all cities. Today was fruit day which means I was supposed to bring back the weekly fruits from new market. So it was morning walk with a big bag slung over my shoulders. 

No lecherous stares, no honking,  no need to elbow your way through, this is the perfect time for you to fall in love over and over with your city. It is such a delight to walk at 6:30 in the morning taking S.N.banerjee road and see the hustle and bustle of potato and onions being unloaded from trucks. The rhythmic songs with a cuss word inserted is so comforting to my ears. owing to my past 1 month's walk everyday  which keeps changing between morning and evening even I have become familiar with them , so much so that today a cheerful happy face asked me "Kya memsaahb walk ke liye pichle kuch dino se ayi nahi thi aap" (Dear lady did you not come for your walks in the past week?) There is even something so wonderful about being addressed to as 'memsaabh' in a drawn singing tune. You see the numerous encounters at supermarkets where the moment you enter someone follows you with the curt and polite 'madam may i help you' is so disturbing to me. It is as if I am a potential thief and must be followed everywhere. well of course this is not always the case but nevertheless. 

Bought my usual papaya, apples and oranges and headed to the world of colours. red and yellow bell peppers, bunches of fresh celery and well so much more. Helped myself to a bag of colourfulness , ah how it cheers me up. headed straight for Kalman's the delightful cold storage. Bought fresh spiced salami  and Hungarian sausages as they call it. Interestingly Kalman was started by this Hungarian gentleman somewhere in the 40s and well is now run by the helper's future generations. Ah if you do love your cold cuts I hope you visit this delightful place. Fresh is always the best :) 

Now please do not judge the quality of this superb recipe by the quality of my pathetic and miserable attempt at couplets. This dish will surely strike a chord with you if you love eggs and well a filling delicious one. So with the ocean of recipes on the internet you sometimes are confused as to which to try and which to not. Today I decided I must look deep in my old collection and try one of them. So out came my diary. You see I had this habit of making cut-outs wherever the recipes would delight me and then stick them on my diary. The hour long walk does make you both slim and hungry so after my office work I feel it was time to bring for some healthy indulgence. What else is perfect but a recipe which calls for eggs, potatoes, ham, chives, onions, cheese ah pure sinful delight from Scandinavian Feasts by Beatrice Ojakangas. 

I did modify a few bits to make it healthier such as instead of just frying the potato. I sauteed them and then sprinkled and covered them to be cooked through. used parsley instead of chives because the parsley was so fresh and well had not bought chives. used red bell pepper instead of the green one and well of course substituted butter with olive oil. 

So its basically very filling so I suggest considering it for brunch or lunch or even dinner. 

You need:

3 eggs
Half a diced bell pepper (diced as small as possible) {red or yellow, yellow on yellow eggs is too bland :P )
1 tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley or as the original suggests chives 
2 potatoes diced very finely, the finer you dice the easier it is to cook it. 
1 medium sized onion
Half a cup of spiced salami or ham. If you have dietary restrictions use cubed chicken. 
1 teaspoonful of dried dill 
Salt and pepper as per taste
1/4th cup of milk
1.5 tablespoonful of olive oil. use might use butter but do it at your heart's risk or well for a special occasion
The original recipe did call for 1/4th chopped tomato which I had omitted 
say 20gm of finely squared cheese (I used Mozzarella) I suggest any cheese that melts well 

Start by first getting everything ready, chopping , dicing, whisking. First heat say 1/2 tablespoonful of oil and saute the onions and potato, sprinkle water , cover and cook till done. takes about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. keep checking and sprinkling water because it will dry up and stick to the bottom if not done so. Once cooked add the diced ham or salami and dill. Then transfer onto plate. in the same pan add 1 tablespoonful of olive oil and the well whisked egg which has been whisked with salt and pepper. You might want to whisk real well for extra fluffiness. 

Now cooking eggs seems to be the simplest of things. "Not so fast" eggs are delicate darlings so use too a little bit of extra  heat they get burnt , use too large a pan and it wouldn't work, too small and it wouldn't as well. Well for this you need practice and well will know what size of pan to be used. So heat must always be on low. Add your eggs and gently using the backside of a round spatula, the ones we use for milk or well soup spread it gently when its almost done at the bottom and still wobbly and runny on top add the cooked ingredients and spread. Add your chopped bell pepper and cheese and switch off the gas and simply cover. For years I have struggled with melting cheese because if the heat is still used the bottom side gets burnt else the cheese does not melt. What a scatterbrain I was . One day after reading an article about the delicacy of eggs and how heat is a culprit I decided to simply use the cover method. So no heat but covering it makes sure the egg is not overcooked but the cheese is melted well.   

It is a meal by itself with the potatoes and all. Try this with a strong cup of coffee and you have a happy you. I ate this for brunch so shall drink a glass of fresh green  coconut water later on during the day. I suggests trying this delight. 

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