Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Roast papad

The best of the crispy Papads and it is completely Healthy 

We, Indians  have all had our share of experiences with Papad. This flattened piece of snacks is a common affair in India. We have it fried, roasted and even as a curry. Anyways the fondest memories I have is munching on fried papads during rathyatra. In Bengal we have a saying that in 12 months we have 13 festivals and well this one is extra special for little kids because they get to buy a chariot and decorate it with flowers and then put Jaganath, Balaram and Subhadra the two brothers and sisters and pull it for fun and once back at home are treated to an array of sewets but the specialty of the days have always been the fried papads.

There is enough variety of papads which to confuse anyone, there are the plain ones made with pulses, ones made with rice flour, some have spices some are non spicy. Its a whole lot out there but deep frying is probably a big catch and so Papads have been pushed away. Well am I correct? No because there is always the roasted variety but then  roasting it takes a lot of skill. Most roasts would have even if the mildest ones but the little blackened marks from roasting over the flames. I for one haven't ever managed a roasted Papad which only has little bubbles on them without even a little black spot and then today after I finished by 1.5 hour long , yes I have increased the time form 1 hour to 1.5 hours :) evening walk and was sweating and puffing and hungry I found a packet of plain papad. I was thinking of ways to it healthy yet without having to eat evena  little bit of burnt taste  and was immediately was struck with an idea of grilling them. Now I usually do not use the microwave mdoe or microwave cum grill mode but then I needed a quick snacking with tea  so that I could quickly get down to work and well somehow the idea of plain papad was not quite appealing and so I decided on the spicy version with onions, tomatoes and assorted spices.

All I did was gather 1 onion, 1 tomato (medium size), 1 wedge of lemon , rock salt and my homemade green chutney and mixed it well.

Ingredients for the fresh relish

1 onion
1 tomato
Homemade green chutney
1 wedge of lemon
Rocksalt as per taste

The papad was simply microwaved grilled at 600W for 2 minutes and was turned on its other side after 1 minute. The result was a fantastic success if I may say so without sounding like a pompous ass.

It was perfectly done and so specks of burnt bits got inside my mouth to create unpleasantness. Try it, its healthy, its tasty, its wonderful. You can also dip it in other condiments.

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