Monday, November 18, 2013

Aubergine stew

The Healthy Aubergine stew inspired by Jamie Oliver and Sicily 

Say what you will but I am a firm believer of hearty Sunday brunches and healthy weekday lunches. You see while I believe that the beautiful rich gravy for the Sunday Chicken roast or the delightfully regal Murgh - E- Shalimar or that excellent breakfast with plump sausages and bacon or the deep fried Puris are all an ode to marvelous taste I believe that we should give due respect to our health for which we survive at all.

So come Monday and its usual work,not swamped with work but work nevertheless. So at 10:30 the hunger pangs suggests I have a snack but my mind says a fuller meal for having stupidly eaten 1 square of dark chocolate and tea in the morning. After a bit of debate I decide on brunch. Hmm! Now what to do , what to do the fish is all frozen, did not want chicken after yesterdays's roast chicken and so finally look in my folders for previously collected recipes and remembered the two plump aubergines and  picked up Oliver's 'Incredible Sicilian Aubergine Stew'. What a lovely delightful brunch. Aubergines sauteed in olive with the robust flavour from plump tomatoes. With my new found principle of fresh is the best discareded the sue of bottled olives and capers. Swapped the parsley for beautiful aromatic basil because ah basil and tomato are the couple in love forever. a small addition of less than half a teaspoonful of chili flakes and of course the usual garlic I present Healthy Monday Aubergine brunch.  had to settle for the home dried basil leaves instead of fresh herbs because well I am again a  firm believer of wastage being a sin.                                       P.S. The sprinkle (salt and water ) , cover method really helps cook the vegetables extremely fast :)

So here is what goes in

2 lovely plump aubergines
4 plump tomatoes
1 heaped tsp oregano leaves
1 tablespoonful of red wine vinegar but adjust as per your liking for tangy taste
Chopped basil leaves say less than a handful
Freshly ground pepper (I used about 20 peppercorns )
1 medium sized very finely sliced onion
4 to 5 garlic cloves. reduce number as per size of increase it mine were standard Indian medium sized ones
Less than half a tsp chili flakes
olive oil

So chop aubergines in chunks, not too big else it takes too long a time for cooking. Mince your garlic, Finely slice the onions and chop the tomatoes in chunks. saute aubergines in olive oil , not too much . add onions and garlic once aubergines are cooked.  I use my own trick here by using 2 tablespoonful of oil and then frying on high heat for say 1 minute and adding the onions and garlic and then I sprinkle salt and oregano , sprinkle water and cover for the aubergines to be cooked well with using less oil but just a sprinkle of water please else it becomes boiled :P . then add your red wine vinegar and let it evaporate and add tomatoes, chili flakes and basil. Cook for 15 minutes or more till vegetables are thoroughly cooked yet not overcooked on low heat . Again i do cover and add a sprinkle of water. And then there you go with a healthy lunch . Enjoy it with whole wheat or multigrain bread. Flat bread goes well with this as well. I served with white bread since I was out of any other bread and had mine without and sides but thats too extreme and would not recommend that.

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