Saturday, May 2, 2015

Good Food Anywhere in Kolkata (Hungerz)

Good Food Anywhere in Kolkata (Hungerz) 

It was an evening when the winter rains drizzled all over Kolkata leaving it a muddy mess on a cold day and I was swamped with work with no time to enter the kitchen. I was craving a certain bowl of soup from a certain restaurant but knew that they would have never delivered to my place since it was 4 kilometers away from where I live and as far I know the restaurant does not deliver to any place at all. I was unwillingly thinking of ordering in from the nearby Chinese joint which I am not particularly fond of when I remembered a friend talking about her friend who ordered in from this same restaurant through some service and her house is a good 7 kilometers away from the restaurant in question.

Thanks to Google I got hold of Hungerz and gave them a call to clarify about their service. Here is what ensured . I got a bowl of the soup I was craving in less time than the service itself had promised, it was piping hot and  that day I came to know that from now on any food no minimum order applies is at the tip of a phone call to this service provider.

Over the last 5 months I have ordered in quite a number of times from any restaurant of my choice and each time I have loved the service more and more for little things. Let's take the last time I had ordered in . Even before I placed the order they had told me that they were in a bit of a packed situation and I would get by order within so and so time. Now not only was I impressed that they had warned me about the delay they delivered within the time they had promised.

So when Pallavi from their marketing team asked me if I would share my experience with my readers I was more than happy to do it.

Now nothing in life is for free so this fabulous service does come with a reasonable service charge. Now value for money is a subjective phrase but at the same time let's see why this should mostly be value for money.

Take a look at their website and you shall see a number of restaurants which have partnered with this service and if you order in from these restaurants you pay Rs100 and for any non partner restaurants you pay Rs199.

Why I feel its value for money is because firstly they deliver to you from any place within 8 kilometers of you house, no minimum costs apply which for me is what I look for. There are many hole in wall joints which makes some amazing food but let's say its neither within walking distance nor a place where you would ideally visit after dark and these guys get your chose of food right at your door step even if its 7 kilometers away. When you want all these luxuries surely this price is not a big deal. Not just that even if you do travel you do pay a price for traveling and here all you do is give them a call.

They operate within 10 kilometers on either side of Park Street and in the Salt area and like I have mentioned before the restaurant must be within 8 kilometers of where you want your piping hot to be delivered.

The point is you could be in your pajamas wanting ice-cream while watching that movie and would just not want to get your car out or worse face the ever naysayer taxi driver who does not want to take you to your choice of destination or call a car service provider all you have to do is contact Hungerz and within a tiem frame you have ice-cream right at your doorstep or for that matter Pizza from any restaurant within or Chinese food or rather any food that you crave from any restaurant.

Check out their website Hungerz

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