Friday, May 29, 2015

Park Plaza and the Glorious Steak , Kolkata

Park Plaza and the Glorious Steak , Kolkata 

Sometime in April when Park Plaza had invited a few of the city's bloggers for tasting of their menu at K19. I really did not know what to expect. I did hear from a friend that its quite a happening place in the Southern part of Kolkata but frankly speaking I had not been to this place but a bite into their steak and I was a convert.

In-between there was too much going on in my life and at times I would go back to that juicy succulent steak done exactly how I had wanted it which was rare to medium. The vegetables which accompanied the steak retained their crunch and I would definitely recommend this place to all steak lovers. I am a potato lover and I must say the creamy smooth mash is the added attraction to the steak.

Now coming to the rest of the platter which had been presented to us the cocktails are well made , the Kebbab platter for non vegetarians is quite delicious but there is nothing extraordinary about the kebabs but judging by how fast a platter was shared between 4 food diners I would say its a lovely accompaniment to conversations and good times. 

If you love pork I would suggest you steer clear of their offer. The pork chop was swimming in fat and for me if a pork chop has 70% fat in it the delight is almost completely lost. 

On being asked about their specialty the chef had recommended their offer of pizzas but by then we were only too well fed and were unable to eat another bite. 

So here is wishing all you steak lovers the best of steak and health at Park Plaza. 

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  1. Never heard about their steak being this good! Guess would have to try the next time.