Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lemon Tea Granita

Lemon Tea Granita 

The only 2 things which freshens me up after a long tiring day is either a combined workout of yoga pilate stretch or some granita and sometimes both. India might officially have 3 months of summer but the rainy season is equally bad. On days it rains in Calcutta the weather seems tolerable but there is this humid heat which though not quite as oppressive as it is during the peak of summers it still is quite uncomfortable. To be honest I personally enjoy these even during the winters when the temperature does not go down beyond 15 C or a maximum of 12 C. This is one of the reasons why we that is Guilt Free and I are conducting this event at the onset of the rainy season and are calling ti our Summer Time Love.

Anyway I love Lemon Iced tea . It is refreshing and delightful and so when I came across Larousse Gastronomique's recipe for  Tea Sorbet I knew I had to make it. To b fair since I do not own a sorbetiere and the recipe does not include sugar syrup (which prevents ice crystals from forming) I ended up with ice crystals in my sorbet and quickly turned it into a granita and it was loved by one and all. I added lemon because I love the flavour of lemon iced tea.

The best part is that anyone and absolutely anyone can make it unless they are young enough to not use the gas stove to boil water for the tea.

Makes 10 serving to 12 serving

Make 1 litre tea (The quality of the tea used affects the end product. Use a good quality leaf tea meant to make good black tea. I used Darjeeling leaf tea. Use a leaf tea of your choice)
200gm sugar (The original recipe asked for 300gm but I usually like the sweetness on the lower side so I reduced it quite a bit)
Juice and zest from 1 large lemon (Grate the zest and then squeeze out the juice)

The recipe is really simple. Make tea, dissolve the sugar in your hot tea making sure it dissolves completely. Add the lemon juice and let cool completely at room temperature. Fill an air tight container preferably rectangular with the prepared lemon tea, add the zest of lemon  and freeze. Try forking the granita once its half frozen. And keep forking every 1 hour.

Just before serving keep it at room temperature for 3 minutes to 4 minutes fork it up well . use an ice cream scoop to scoop out the flavourful granita and serve.

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