Friday, June 19, 2015

Chocolate Shake (Silky , smooth , chilled and gorgeous)

Chocolate Shake (Silky , smooth and gorgeous) 

 Most of the people I am close to know that I am not normally fond of chocolate shakes. I mean I usually prefer a cold brewed coffee which comes out amazing. Read about how I make it right at home without much hassle but a bit of time Click Here.

Anyway late one night I was suddenly craving some chocolate not just any chocolate but chilled mousse. Usually on any given day my refrigerator would definitely have eggs in them but on that night there were none. The moment I realized I could not have mousse my cravings became more strong. For a moment I thought I should temper some chocolates but then again in my head I wanted a creamy chilled chocolaty taste and I always listen to what I crave very carefully. In my case substituting the craving with something not only fails to take care of it in the end I end up gaining weight because I eat the substitute food and then ultimately satisfy my craving.

I immediately started scourging the refrigerator for other possible alternatives when I found the milk with reduced milk in it. By reduced I mean 3/4th of its original content. I always add reduced milk to my coffee for a rich taste since adding cream is not the healthiest option for a regular beverage.

Anyway I suddenly realized that I love hot chocolate not hot cocoa mind you. The difference is in the cocoa butter. Hot cocoa is basically cocoa powder, milk and sugar and maybe a bit of water . Hot chocolate on the other hand is creamy, silky decadent because you basically melt cooking chocolate and add it to milk for a creamy decadence.

And suddenly I knew what I had to do. I quickly took out a bit of milk and put the rest in the freezer. In the meantime I melted the chocolate and added a little bit of milk and stirred it to create a smooth consistency and slowly added the milk from the freezer and everything went in the blender with a bit of sugar and 1 minute later I was sipping on the best chocolate shake for me. It was completely chocolaty, silky , smooth and gorgeous but needed some improving on.

So the next time I developed it and after 2 tries voila I have my perfect chocolate shake for those rare days of indulgence.

Chilled silky chocolaty do I need to go on and on?

So here is what you need to serve one. And pair it with these gorgeous Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and its sheer indulgence. Usually when I have this I skip an entire meal.

What you need :-

10gm brown sugar
60gm to 70gm dark chocolate (50% or more. I used 70% dark)
500ml milk

Freeze 100ml milk in the ice cube tray. Reduce the rest of the milk to 1/2 of its original quantity.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Once completely melted add 50ml milk and create a smooth concoction and slowly add the rest of the milk bit by bit and the sugar and then put it all in a blender and blend away. Chill it extremely well.

Before serving the beverage blend it again with the frozen milk cubes and there you have silky smooth chilled chocolate in a tall glass.

P.S. If you want you can replace half the reduced milk with double dairy cream or single dairy cream.

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