Monday, June 1, 2015

Walnut Pesto Salad

Walnut Pesto Salad 

I am whimsically disciplined. If there is a routine I want to follow I would do that no matter what and if I feel like it I would let myself go and let things flow in any direction that it wants to flow. Take for example my love for waking up early in the morning. I love it when I wake up early in the morning before the cacophony of the world takes over. I like sitting with a cup of coffee in absolute silence while the earth slowly and steadily wakes up.

At the same time if I want to I would stay awake all night and sleep till 12 in the afternoon.
At times I feel like writing random sentences which cannot be linked together except that the thought behind those sentences have at some point made an impact on my life whether small or big.
So just recently I discovered that there are two singers whose songs I absolutely adore. One being Lana Del Rey and the other is Ellie Goulding. Their songs make me happy as does this celebration of salad week. This helps me stay focused on a healthy diet.

Take a day such as today. Usually on days like these where I would get an invitation to taste a very elaborate delicious spread and have a long chat afterwards I would usually end up eating something unhealthy for dinner but thanks to my dedicated 1 week to salads I came back and put in that wee bit effort and voila here is a healthy hearty salad.

A somewhat course and delicious pesto 

Cup used holds 210 ml liquid

Serves 1

1/2 cup whole walnuts
30gm Parmesan cheese
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Salt as per taste
2 cups of shredded iceberg lettuce
3 to 4 small sized garlic cloves
1/4th cup fresh mint leaves

Shred the lettuce and chill it in the refrigerator. Start making your pesto by pounding  the garlic to a smooth pulp and then add the mint leaves and continue grinding and slowly add a bit of oil salt and walnuts and keep grinding and finally add the Parmesan which you might want to cut into small pieces for easy incorporation. Keep grinding till you get a coarse  pesto. Add on the chilled iceberg lettuce and have a hearty meal. If you want your pesto to be creamier add more EVOO.

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