Sunday, May 11, 2014

Date almond shake

Date almond shake 

250ml to 300ml chilled  toned milk
5 dates (I used seedless ones)
15 almonds with skin
1 tsp honey (optional)

So dates have a very bad name of packing you with calories so that eating a lot of dates apparently leaves you without a date but the truth is each date has a mere 23 kcalories and they get their bad name because 70% of a date is sugar but its packed with iron and other nutrients and having 5 of these against refined sugar is much more healthy and it energizes you and so beginning your day with it isn't such a bad idea .

So simply chill the milk and use the almonds with skin (the skin has vital vitamins) , dates and honey if you like it extra sweet and add a bit of milk and blend away to make a smooth paste and keep adding the mild bit by bit to make a smooth date shake and enjoy. Adding a bowl of fruits and a water poached egg with the date shake makes it a perfectly healthy start for the day :)

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