Sunday, May 4, 2014

Papaya Sorbet

Papaya Sorbet 

Summers for me remains incomplete without some delicious fruit sorbet. I mean ice-creams are obviously great except that you feel guilty because you have this crazy fear that you might soon resemble the round scoops and then again personally speaking all that cream and sweetness makes me thirsty for some reason. For me summers are essentially the perfect time for tangy fruity treats and so since mangoes , though abundantly available in the market still needs a few more days for the best variety to be available as per my fruit seller I present Papaya sorbet. Its nutritious tangy and delicious

Recipe courtesy: Martha Stewart with adjustment of amount of  ingredients

What you need :-

700gm of papaya peeled de-seeded and chopped
Juice from two lemons which give you around 2 tbsp juice
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp water
1.5 tsp honey
Lemon juice for serving (optional)

What you basically do is make a syrup with 2 tbsp sugar and 4 tbsp water and then blend the papaya , honey, syrup , once the syrup has cooled down and then freeze it. After 1 hour use a fork to break the ice crystals and do this thrice with a gap of an hour in-between each forking and then freeze for 5 hours to 6 hours. When serving dip your ice-cream scooper in warm water and make lovely fresh fruity balls to be enjoyed. if its too hot use a squeeze of lemon juice on top to make it extra refreshing.

This is part of the event Beat the Heat

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