Thursday, May 15, 2014

ITC Sonar's Treat for Mothers

A Delightful Sunday Brunch 

Presented by ITC Sonar's Eden Pavilion 

Make your own Mother's Day any given Sunday with ITC Sonar Edevn pavillion's Fun filled Sunday Brunches. So do you really feel Mother's Day is that one day of every year. Well if you are like me you would probably want everyday to be Mother's day and ITC Sonar gives you the opportunity to have a fun day with your mother every Sunday, oh well wherever a mother goes the family follows and so its a treat for the entire family.

I was invited as part of Kolkata Food Bloggers to sample Eden Pavilion's Sunday brunch on Mother's Day and I was actually very happy to have been informed that it was part of their regular Sunday brunch and the activities ta Brunch goes beyond the scrumptious spread. So there is face painting for your kids and I am not sure why the adults cannot take part it as well. Then there are  balloons, magicians and of course a cookie making stall. These are the simple activities which a mother and child can do together which makes an ordinary Sunday extra special and why you need not wait for that one day of the year to make your Mother feel extra special.

Well before I share my experience let me state that I unfortunately forgot my Camera and so I have borrowed all the photographs used for this post from the lovely Archita's blog My Food My Life.

I was ever so pleased when ITC Sonar invited not only the members of Kolkata Food Blogger but invited our mothers well. It was one of the best events I have attended. With all our mothers and fun loving members it was a beautiful brunch and I must say that our gracious hostess Arundhati took extra care of our mothers which touched me indeed.

So when you decide to go in for their Sunday brunch be prepared to sample a variety of delicacies from around the world. So the bread station has 5 to 6 options of bread from Focaccia to bread rolls .

There is an extensive spread from their salad bar and there were enough number of items to make me feel 'spoilt for options' but I shall nevertheless mention that the prawn cocktail was a decadent affair as mentioned by my mother and since I am allergic to seafood I tasted their platter for cold cut and I must say it was as expected from ITC . It was of top notch quality indeed. There is an array of salads for the health conscious and of course there are Indian starters which includes enough variants to make your taste buds feel  pampered . So there are fish kebabs and Shammi kebabs and Corn tikkis.

From their mains there is a whole range from European cuisine as well as South Asian Delights. The Dhaka Biriyani stands out indeed. Mild subtle flavours with melt in the mouth succulent pieces of chicken it did catch my fancy and as we all know ITC does have a reputation for churning out some of the best South Asian dishes in Calcutta be it from Eden pavilion, Dum Pukht or Peshawari.

While my fellow diners loved the 'Kosha Mangsho' Mutton in gravy I found the chicken curry 'Kosha Murgi' to be exceptionally tasty.

You have 'well done ' tenderloin and Eggs benedict from their Continental spread and in case you do love Western Cuisine book a table at their West View bar and Grill an exclusive diner at ITC Sonar which serves excellent Cold cuts and Grills and its all A la carte and tailor made for the guests.

If you have a sweet tooth the spread at Eden Pavilion's Sunday brunch will spoil you indeed. There are slcies of praline cakes and mousse au chocolat and blueberry cheesecake and then there is Bengal's famous 'Mishti Doi' (Sweetened curd) and they even have an option or two for those unlucky people who have developed diabetes with Pannacotta for the diabetic.

Senior Sous Chef Gaurav  Lavania informed us that the spread changes every Sunday which is good news indeed. And this humongous spread is available for Rs1850 plus taxes per person every Sunday . So treat your mothers any given Sunday.

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