Friday, April 11, 2014



 The heat is oppressive and cursing about it wouldn't do much good but a tall glass of the Classic Indian cooler Jal-Jeera does help in cooling one down instantly. Easy to make with summer ingredients this one is surely is a winner.

What you need for 6 servings

Juice from 2 medium sized Indian lemons
1/2 cup (the ones that hold 210 ml of water)  fresh mint leaves
3 tbsp cumin + 20 peppercorn dry roasted and ground to a fine powder. I usually store this mixture for further use and for this recipe used about 1 heaped tsp since too much fo cumin powder would make the drink bitter
Rock salt as per taste I needed 1 tbsp
Sugar as per taste. I used 4 tbsp sugar granules
1 tbsp heaped dry mango powder
2 litre chilled water

Simply mix everything well and serve. When you reach midway of the container try and sieve the water else you end up with cumin particles which doe not feel good inside the mouth. One should always adjust the sugar and salt as per one's taste

This is part of Kolkata Food Blogger's event 'Beat The Heat '

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