Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chicken Soy Chili with Rice And Greens

Chicken Soy Chili with Rice And Greens 

Sometimes you feel happy and you want to do something special for that other half but I believe in order to give happiness to others you must first feel happy yourself. So I decided to make a spread with a South East Asian cum Chinese touch  for the other half and since my husband follows a green lifestyle I was happily shopping for tofu , bokchoy etc when I realized I was craving some chicken with rice and so voila here I am with one of my favourite lunch ever. Now none of these dishes are any authentic dish from South East Asia or China but have a touch from those cuisines. 

Serves 1

Half a chicken breast weighing roughly 120gm to 130gm
4 to 5 cloves of medium cloves of garlic (In case you are using garlic with big cloves use 1)
1/2 tsp minced ginger
1 tbsp soy sauce
Splash of Chinese rice wine vinegar (If you do not have the Chinese rice wine vinegar just use any white vinegar)
1 tsp tomato sauce (I use my own homemade sauce else blanch 1 large tomato and then blend it and cook it on medium flame in a pan till it gets thick to make a tomato puree)
4 red eye chili (You can decrease the number as per taste)
Salt as per taste (I needed a pinch)

 2 thin slices of tofu / 1 boiled egg

The greens :-
Half a leek
1 scallion
3 to 4 bokchoy leaves with the stem
1 large clove of garlic

2 tsp sesame oil or olive oil

1/2 cup of small grained rice or basmati rice

Start by preparing your chicken by marinating it. Cut the chicken in stripes and then make your marinate by blending together the garlic, ginger, chili, soy sauce , tomato sauce , salt and vinegar and then marinate the chicken and leave it for 2 hours.

Now start by first mincing the garlic clove and finely chopping the leek and scallion green. Thinly slice the scallion blub and then use 1 tsp oil and saute the minced garlic and add the bokchoy and saute for 2 minutes till the greens start softening and then leave it aside. In the same pan add the remaining 1 tsp oil and add your chicken , tofu ,  leek, scallion (both bulb and leaves)  and cover and cook for 1 minute and then turn the chicken and cover and cook for 1 more minute.

Now cook the rice. Simply wash the rice and then boil it with 1 cup of water and when ti starts to boil simmer covered till cooked. Ideally the rice should be a bit sticky.

Once the rice is cooked seperate the bokchoy stems and leaves. Julienne the stem .

Assembling the dish :-

Place the rice in a bowl and add the bokchoy  stem and mix well and then add the chicken and sliced bokchoy stem and mix very well. Serve. Enjoy this healthy hearty dish.

Tips :-

In case you are using egg instead of tofu just boil it and keep it aside and add it in the end when assembling the dish.

Watch this space for more recipes with  South East Asian and Chinese touch coming out very soon


  1. I SO want this! Making it this weekend only!

  2. :) Let me know how it turns out. Hope you like it