Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Healthy Pomegranate Parfait

 Healthy Pomegranate  Parfait 

The more I learn the more I am surprised and happy to know things. For me the word parfait had always meant Frozen dessert as is used by the French. Only when I came across a few recipes where the dessert was not frozen did I look up the word and realized it can mean different things as well. In the USA sometimes yogurt is layered with granola , nuts or fresh fruits to create a parfait.

So on a day when I was craving something sweet and avoiding cakes and pastries at all cost I whipped this up. It needs a little planning ahead but is really healthy , nutritious and tasty.

What you need :-

Makes 2 servings

250gm yogurt
Half a pomegranate
3/4th tsp honey
1 tbsp dried cranberries

Simply make hung curd out of the yogurt and then whisk the hung curd with the honey and layer it with pomegranate. Top it with cranberries and chill  voila you have your healthy dessert.

I used cranberries against the usual raisins because they give a nice tangy taste to the otherwise sweet dessert.



  1. I'm so gonna do this at home! Sounds perfect!

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