Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Creamy chili garlic dip

I am not a fan of mayonnaise and here is why, though they are utterly creamy, wonderful in taste open any article on health from anywhere in the world, and what do you see? All asking you to avoid it like the plague. So be I am been psychologically brainwashed by numerous articles and so on an everyday basis I would never use mayonnaise and instead like healthier option. This particular condiment was born when Lebanon and a known sauce to me from the picturesque mountainous North Bengal made a commitment. I call it the creamy chili garlic sauce. Its thick, spicy with a kick and is very delicious with fries or even for vegetables.

You need

1 pod / head of garlic
4 to 6 dried red chilies (Now please adjust as per the hotness you can handle)
Peppercorn say about 15 of them (Again adjust as per taste)
Salt as per taste
250gm of hung curd
Olive oil say about 1/4th cup. Keep half a cup ready
Enough red wine vinegar to simply soak the garlic and chilies in
1 tsp to 2 tsp granular sugar

Start by soaking the individual skinned cloves of garlic, chilies broken in halves , sugar  and peppercorn in red wine vinegar. This step is very important to cut down on the heat of the chilies. Leave aside for 4 hours to 5 hours. Now simply blend away with salt and hung curd (which again cuts down on the heat) . slow add a stream of oil. If you like it extra creamy add half a cup of oil and if not 1/4th is just fine. I personally prefer 1/4th cup oil. There you go with the dip which is not too unhealthy. After the first time it becomes easier to adjust the ingredients as per taste buds :)

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