Monday, December 2, 2013

Butterly cheesy fish finger

Utterly butterly cheesy fishy: Recipe courtesy my dearest friend A

So I meet one of my best friends dearest "A"  after a month and it anyways seems like years and we giggle and laugh, tease each other and almost cry out laughing but did I mention how well she cooks. And all she says is "I cannot cook that well , you can cook so well." Or "Everyone can make these things"

Of course if you see what she does with her needle and hands you would be amazed. Anyways cook she does brilliantly well but they are always on the high side of Indian spiciness and so when she served these delicious fish fingers I was eager to simply bite into them and ooh what a surprise I was in for. Mild , delicate yet so delicious that it knocked my socks off.  I immediately declared that I was going to make them the next day itself and was even more surprised to learn that this required 4 ingredients, Rui fish (a fresh water fish with bones), butter, cheese , salt and rolled oats. This was one of the most innovative dish I have ever tasted with such less ingredients. P.S. The very next day she came over and was treated to "Lahori Murgh Chole" a spicy delicacy of chickpea and chicken from the grand city of Lahore and orange milk pudding and upside down orange cake. I tried them on Sunday and the result was magnificent with the evening tea. Instead of mayonnaise I did use my homemade thick garlic sauce made with hung curd which has that punch provided by black pepper and red chilies soaked in red wine vinegar.

Its basically very easy

Take four pieces of Rohu /rui fish which comes up to a weight of say 190gm to 200gm
Salt as per taste
4 tablespoonful of butter
Mozzarella cheese about 50gm

Use salt to marinate the fish in. Use the salt  cautiously since if you do use salted butter it woudl add tot he salt content. Shallow fry the fish in butter. Remember that the only flavour you get it mainly from butter so use it sparingly. Once, cool enough to handle smash it as well as you can. You have to use your hands to get the bones out of the mashed fish. Finely chop the mozzarella and work it with the fish to make a smooth paste. Then take rolled oats on a plate and shape your fish into fingers and roll them around int he oats to make sure it is all covered and shallow fry it.

Serve with a condiment. A spicy condiment works best for this such as herb mayonnaise or garlic sauce. if the condiment is homemade the taste would be superior and fresh.

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