Friday, December 6, 2013

Eierpfannkuchen (Egg Pancakes)

Now there are many a that I scribble down but when its good it goes straight to my "fair copy" , but to be fair this had straightaway gone to the fair copy . This one is a star recipe . My dear virtual friend Claudia had shared her beautiful recipe for pancakes. You see,  I used to foolishly think that pancakes automatically means it would have baking powder in it but with a lovely discussion and reading up of as many articles as possible it seems there is a whole world of pancakes out there. Explore them people, it will amaze you and would want you to try all of them. This one is , what word am I thinking of?Oh yes stupendous , amazing, "perfekt" . Thin, thin as it can be , milk based with an egg of course this one is sure to put you in the best possible mood. This was one long due. I had planned to make this some weeks ago but you know what happens , nevertheless better late than never. Besides I made way too much mousse the previous day and with the mousse as filling this one is a culinary beauty. Try this one. It is just a piece of heaven.

I have been a "Difficult daughter" in the past and with today I prove that I am not a "Desirable daughter" either. Her recipe yielded three thin delights and I gobbled them all up or I am just too much in love with Manju kapoor and Bharati Mukherjee's novels. :)

Serves 1:

1 egg
150ml of milk (I used toned milk)
70gm of all purpose flour
1 tsp sugar
Filling of your choice (Chocolate sauce, Nutella, honey, Creme Chantilly or anything that you like)
1 dessertspoon of butter to just butter the pan.

Whip the egg, add a bit of milk and bit of sifted flour and sugar. I did sift them. Whisk real well. Just brush the girdle with butter.

Brush it with butter and pour the batter and use the back of a ladle to spread it out to make  those beautiful thin pancakes. Be careful and work fast else you risk the chance of tearing the pancake. Once golden browned on each side, transfer them on a workable surface, add the filling fold and enjoy.

Use your filling and let your morning start with perfection.

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