Thursday, December 5, 2013

Roast bell peppers aubergine salad

Roast bell peppers and aubergine with a kiss of cheese 

Just another evening

R: "Go ahead it will be fun to watch you roll around "
E: "What is the problem though, I want to stay healthy"
R: "Oh So, you think you can stay healthy by just leaving everything out and exercising. Just wait till you get hunger pangs at midnight and then realize you lost your chance to make dinner and head straight for the 100gm cheese or worse make chocolates and finish off everything"
E: "So what do I do"
R: "Here is something useful. You have walked your 4.6km. You are exercising. Have those colourful bell peppers say 1.5 of them, half an eggplant and you cover 3 servings of the 5 serving recommendation of vegetables. Add 50gm of mozzarella. stop making that silly face. You yourself copied the list of recommended servings per day. 40gm cheese is allowed when you are not having meat. Besides you know how a little  fat makes your skin glow. "
E: "How do I have raw eggplants please"
R: "Why silly billy why do you have to always think in one line. Raw is not the only way to health. Grill them of course, add a dash of that gorgeous extra virgin olive oil you just bought and add a splash of lemon juice, a dash of parsley and see what it does to you , you silly thing"

With this conversation between my rational side and emotive side of the brain I call them R and E and a scribbled recipe I went ahead and grilled the 1 whole red pepper and half a yellow bell pepper and eggplant. Word of caution, I would not recommend the eggplant to be grilled. Takes up way too much brushing of oil.

What you need

1 whole red bell pepper
Half a large eggplant
Half a yellow bell pepper
Dash of parsely
Dash of chili flakes
Extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoonful for drizzling
Olive oil for brushing the veggies with
Juice from half a big lemon (increase or decrease the amount as per your taste buds)

Cut the bell peppers in half and the aubergine in circular patterns and use salt to marinate them with,  for 15 minutes. brush them with olive oil. First grill them outer side up . You might want to turn them over and keep grilling till the upper side of the bell peppers and one side of the aubergine is fully done. Now add very thin small slices of cheese which adds up to a total of 40gm to 50gm on each bell pepper. Grill this side and the other non-cooked side of the eggplants. After the fourth brushing of oil on eggplants I was a bit annoyed and did use a shortcut method. By then it was half cooked. So took them off the rack. sprinkled water and cooked them on the gas stove covered.
Stack them , drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice add the dash of parsley and chili flakes and you have a whole lot of healthy going on. If serving with meat I suggest using half of this for each diner. If eating ti all by oneself simply dig in.

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