Monday, March 24, 2014

Cafe Mezzuna

Sometimes Wonderful things happen to a city 

Beer batter fried fish 

There are times when a city suddenly gets a break from cafes mushrooming all over the city and a brilliant cafe opens its doors. It started on a weekday evening when ,after a particularly bad experience with one of the new cafes I strolled over to Forum for a bit of dessert and was positive happy to see a delightfully inviting cafe, from across the glass door the wooden interiors coupled with the pastel green shades attracted me and so I went in for some coffee and dessert. Before I move on to the brilliant bit let me pause for a little while about the tiny little problems.

I was a lone diner and being an usual lone diner I expressly note down how a restaurant reacts to lone diners, some are positively unhappy, some welcome you whole-heatedly and then there are those who seem almost flabbergasted. Whosoever had done the beautiful interiors had completely forgotten about solo diners which I do not appreciate. Even with the place being virtually empty my server had to look around and then finally seated me at a table for 4. The sofa was soft and well cushioned and to my liking since iit was comfortable but you thankfully do not sink in.

Their menu done in a particularly sweet style which reminds one of the school days with the paper resembling the brown papers one used for covering copies and books was a very lovely change of the usual big menus, it comes in a transparent file which is innovative indeed.  Now let me be clear about my taste in coffee, I like ti particualrly strong to the point that it is bitter with creamy foam on top and so I expressly requested them to bring a very strong cup of cappuccino for me which I teamed up with the batter fried fish. Tired of the usual set cheesecakes i was delighted to know that theirs is baked and so I  asked for the two berry cheesecake.

I particularly loved the pristine white napkins and I was extremely impressed with the coffee which came in a cup with a saucer. The coffee was perfect for my taste. My batter fried fish soon followed and it was fresh fish with the most perfect batter. crispy crunchy and deep fried it is perfectly batter fried fish. I would have loved it had they served my coffee and batter fried fish together since I had mentioned that I would like to eat something with my coffee but then again I would not hold it against them. Their presentation was delightfully unique and wonderful with the fish in a paper cone on a wooden slab with the tartar dip.

What came last after a considerable amount of time blew my mind away. The cheesecake with freshly prepared warm compote is soft, creamy with the perfect crust which is neither dry nor soggy and gets people like me addicted to it.

I have to include my second experience at this cafe where we ordered a cocktail, my fizzy cocktail with vodka, ginger and lime was divine.

What I noticed on both my visits was that the servers though polite do not keep an eye on the tables to note if the water glasses are empty after the first fill. On my first visit I was very thirsty and since nobody looked my way I had to wait quite a bit for water. This I would definitely request the management to take care of this issue. My total damage on the first day was Rs600 and considering that it filled me up and was superb in taste I would say it is complete value for money.

I can honestly say this is has become my favourite cafe in town.

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