Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mint grilled chicken

Mint grilled chicken 

The only truth with maintaining a healthy diet is to not only know what portions to eat but planning a bit further ahead of time. Take my current project. I have been drowning in work from the past 7 days but working without eating is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. I mean here is what happens if you do not have a well stocked refrigerator,, (what I mean is filled with vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, herbs etc etc) You are anyways cramped for time and ultimately you reach out for take-out food or something which is as unhealthy as buttered white bread . To be fair a dark portion of chicken is all the protein you should be having in one single day. Here is information from the American Heart Organization to give you a fair idea of portions  So I do not need to blabber on about the benefits of lean meat and fish over red meat . So for this recipe you need over-night marination for best results.

What you basically need is :-

1 dark portion of chicken
1 stalk of mint leaves plucked and ground into a  paste with water
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt as per taste
Half a tsp freshly ground black pepper

Simply marinate over-night and grill the next day for brunch or lunch or you could leave it for marination if you work from outside home and enjoy a hearty healthy dinner with some fresh side salad .

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