Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chili's Kolkata

Chili's Kolkata

The fajita combo

So Chili's is the latest trendy restaurant in Kolkata. Everybody wants to go there (well I am generalizing) and anybody who has been there cannot stop talking about its amazing food. Now I shall be honest. Initially I hardly was interested in Chili's because it is a chain-restaurant from the USA and since I absolutely dislike pizzas from Dominos and PizzaHut I did not really have a very high opinion of another chain restaurant. A single visit changed my opinion completely.

Located at the trendiest new shopping mall of Kolkata , Quest this restaurant is located on the right side of the 4th floor. The decor is informal and done in red in keeping with the name. While I was there in the mall on a Sunday visiting another joint the queue in front of Chili's was a very long queue and so I was glad that I was paying a visit to the joint on a Tuesday afternoon.

On a weekday afternoon even though there were many diners we easily found a table for three hungry souls. What I like is that the sofa table we chose were firm and comfortable but you do not sink in them since the only time I would personally want to sink in a comfortable sofa is when I am solely relaxing.

The menu is huge and so I did what I usually do, opt for the restaurants classic dish because I personally feel the classic dishes of a restaurant are its best ones and since I was visiting the restaurant for the first time I wanted to try their signature dishes. I had already been told about their gigantic portions and so I wanted to solely try their mains but then again the image of the chicken wings drew all three of us towards it

The delightful chicken wings

So we ordered 1 plate of chicken wing's , I ordered the classic Fajita combo, my friend went in for some Enchiladas and our other friend who does not eat bacon went for the Barbeque chicken salad and requested them that they not serve bacon.

The tad disappointment I had was with their limited option of drinks. I prefer my drinks freshly made which none of their drinks are but even so went in for the lemonade which I found too sweet for my taste but every item is gigantic and so it came in a 500ml tumbler.

The Barbeque chicken salad 

The food arrived quite quickly but even after we had repeatedly requested them to please serve the mains together the salad was served first and when we requested that the dish be served with the other mains we were requested back to put it on one side of the table which according to me is not the ideal service one expects. Since the salad was cold salad and we were three diners seated at a table for 4 we gladly complied but that still does not make it acceptable.

Our starter was soon enough brought in and one bite was enough to transport me to a world of soft succulent chicken coated in this amazing hot sauce which thankfully was not sweet. What you do is to get the full flavour you dip it in the creamy accompaniment and then get lost in the tangy hot flavour along with the creaminess which is perfect for my taste buds.

The enchiladas 

Now our orders followed soon enough and again the sizes are enormous and so we should have ideally taken 2 mains and 1 starter.

The fajita's accompaniment 

My friend's enchiladas were amazingly good because it had a great rice and chicken filling and the tortillas were soft and it was doused in a superb red gravy. The salad was surprisingly good , it was creamy and the ranch dressing was truly delicious and if I am not mistaken there was a drizzle of balsamic vinegar which added its delightful taste as well. To be fair with the portion of my own fajita I hardly tasted the other dishes but my fajita was utterly delicious. The tacos were soft, the fresh salsa was truly fresh and the blob of sour cream was the perfect spread on the tacos along with crumbled dry cheese and the grilled meat. The steak was juicy yet thankfully not overcooked and the chicken was well done enough to be easily cut into pieces with the fork. This entire meal came within Rs750 per person which is inclusive of taxes and service charges and left me uncomfortable because of the portions. I definitely suggest one dish per person and no extra appetizers and I finally understood all the fuss about this joint. I for sure am coming back.

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